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Catch Us If You Can!

This blog will be just a quick update on happenings around the vineyard and winery, but mainly we’re putting this out so you can hopefully put some of these dates on your wine and social calendar (see below!). We have mentioned in blog posts in prior years, even though the weather is not great, we LOVE February, because the days start getting longer, we’re starting to see buds swell up in some of our shrubs and trees, and dormant perennials and other garden plants start to show a little green. Very nice, after a gloomy winter!

Things are moving along great in the vineyard, we are 100% done making the ‘primary cuts’, which leaves each vine with just two main shoots from last year; these two shoots will then be tied down to the main bottom wire, and all this year’s new shoots will but out from the tied down, year-old shoots.

In the winery, we have gotten all the 2022 wines tucked away in the barrel room, with the exception of the 2022 Pinot Gris, Rosé, and Duology. Those will all be bottled in the next couple of months, along with the 2021 Flagship Chardonnay, and our 2021 Flagship Syrah. Advance tank and barrel tastings of all of these wines are indicating that we will be pouring some exceptional new release wines for you very soon! And just in time, because we have sold out of, or will very soon sell out of all our 2021 whites! We’re hoping to follow up tradition and have some of these wines show well in future tastings and judgings.

Speaking of which, we’re looking forward to the April issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine